Yes! God Will!

I am sure you have heard that your God will give you an abundant supply from His glorious riches in Heaven through your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to meet your need.  It is far more than a comforting statement; it is a foundational truth which God repeats over and over throughout His Word.

The repetition of this truth in its varying forms causes us to realize that God has a purpose for such meticulous reinforcement.  Like the consistent dripping of water on a rock creates a permanent impression upon that rock, God desires for this truth to be reinforced until it has a permanent impression upon our spirit.

God will supply healing, wisdom, direction, peace, joy, and financial blessing.  He unswervingly reminds you that He is your Source.

Let His truth become more than a mental note of encouragement to you.  Allow it to be permanently established in your spirit so that it impacts every area of your life.

Pastor Gary