Faith and Deeds

Have you ever played the card game, “PIT”?  I recall the first time I played it.  The air was filled with people calling out phrases such as: “1 wheat,” “2 corn,” “3 rye,” and “1 sugar.”  It could only be described as organized chaos.  The goal in PIT is for a player to exchange the variety of cards which they are dealt with other players in an effort to create a full set of a single commodity; i.e. a hand of all ‘sugar’ cards.

I was reminded of this game as I read James 2:18.  Picture with me a group of believers sitting around calling out: “I have faith” or “I have deeds.”  There is a difference between the game of PIT and the life of a believer.  In contrast to PIT where the objective is to have all the same card, the life of a believer is to have a well-balanced mixture of “Faith” and “Deeds.”

Be challenged today to discover new ways to demonstrate your faith by what you do and how you live!  As your faith is accompanied by God-directed actions, your actions become the catalyst which “turns a sinner from the error of their way.” (James 5:20)

Pastor Gary