Connect the Dots to Victory

When was the last time you completed a connect-the-dots puzzle?  I love to see small children become excited as they see the image of the picture taking shape as they connect the last remaining dots of their picture.  In many ways, it is that same expression we experience as we see the victory begin to emerge in our lives after we have exerted much effort toward a goal, project, event, or even when taking on a problematic situation.

There are some key “dots” which must be connected together for those winning moments to take place.  We can see them in the Exodus 17 as Joshua led the Israelites in battle against Amalek.  The first dot is the obvious hands-on involvement of Joshua.  The next dot is the intercessory work of Moses.  The next is the supportive roles of Aaron and Hur.

Should we desire to experience the ‘thrill of victory’ instead of the ‘agony of defeat,’ as the famous sports saying goes, we must involve all three of these in our life.  First, consider that God’s design for your life is for you to have ‘hands-on involvement.’  You are created with talents, gifts, abilities, and insights to use.  You are positioned in a place to serve, lead, and minister.  This is the same role which Joshua held.

Next, the true person you are is spirit!  Therefore, you must connect (include) the spiritual elements to your situation.  Just as Moses interceded, you must also intercede in prayer over your life.  This intercession must be more than simply once a week or once a day.  As Moses demonstrated, continue your intercession until the victory is secured. 

Some situations may seem to linger longer than your strength.  That is when you will see that God has placed people into your life for support.  Allow them to come along side and be the support God desires them to be for you!

Be encouraged to know that, as these dots are connected, a marvelous picture of victory will emerge!