No Limits!

I love meditating on Psalm 119:96 from the Amplified Bible.  “I have seen that everything human has its limits and end no matter how extensive, noble, and excellent; but Your commandment is exceedingly broad and extends without limits into eternity.”  The phrase “extends without limits” is a marvelous reminder which increases our faith to know God can meet every need, answer every question, and intervene in every situation which we may have.

Be encouraged today to know that the True God Whom you serve and Who loves you is indeed “Great” as Psalm 145:3 declares.  “Great” means great in every sense.  He is higher than the highest, stronger than the strongest, holier than the holiest, etc…  His greatness is “unsearchable!”  The riches of His grace through Christ are “immeasurable and limitless!” (Eph. 2:7)

What circumstance is glaring you in the face?  What situation is challenging your faith?  Remind yourself that when you place it into God’s hands, there are “NO LIMITS” that constrain Him!  He is “WITHOUT LIMITS” as to how to handle your situation.  He has an “infinite understanding” of your condition and “exceedingly abundant power” to give to you a marvelous resolution! (Ps. 147:5)

Celebrate this day in the presence and power of your “LIMITLESS” God!

Happy Easter!

Pastor Gary & Alisa