It’s Time for Your Story to be Told

Did you know that the world’s population is nearly at 7 Billion?  Though you may feel lost or even insignificant compared to such a vast number or people, I want you to consider your uniqueness and God’s plan on your life.  God has designed a marvelous plan for you!  He has gifted you with talents, abilities, and insights which are distinctive for you.  Yet, you may still feel as though you are simply one person amidst the masses of humanity.  Please remember God always works through individuals!  He chooses to glorify Himself through the life of one!

As we delve into God’s Word, we discover story upon story where God’s favor was demonstrated through one person to change the world.  Noah was the one to save mankind from complete destruction.  Joseph was the one to save nations from starvation.  Nehemiah was the one to rebuild the walls. The stories of Moses, David, Deborah, Esther, Peter, and Paul continue to remind us that the world as we know it can be changed and forever impacted as God works His favor through the life of one person.

As you think about story upon story of God’s favor moving through just one person, let me challenge you to consider this… “It is time for YOUR STORY to be told!”  The time for God’s favor to work through your life is now!

Draw closer to God today and open your heart to all He has in store for you.  Allow Him to use your uniqueness and distinctiveness to change the world.

Encouraging You to Tell Your Story,
Pastor Gary