God’s Favor – By This Time Tomorrow

For a moment, let’s remind ourselves that we “are the temple of the living God,” “greater is He who lives in us,” “for there is a greater power with us,” and we “can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.”

It is vital that we continue to daily remind ourselves of this amazing truth — yes, we are able to live as overcomers.  We are able to stand victoriously as living sacrifices.  We are able simply because we are not relying upon the ability of our flesh.  Though within ourselves we experience ‘inability’, within Christ we are ‘In Ability.’

Do you see the difference?  ‘Inability’ versus ‘In Ability.’  Yes, we are ‘IN Christ!’  This is a marvelous revelation for us to grasp hold of.  We can live each moment in confidence, with boldness and courage, for we are ‘IN Christ.’  We are ‘IN His Ability!’

In everything you face, no matter how seemingly impossible, you can declare, “God is my help!  He will make a way!  There is a greater power with me!  I am more than an overcomer!”  When you speak from the faith within, you will discover that “with God all things are possible!”

Be Encouraged!

Pastor Gary