Living the Favor

Our hearts are rejoicing together as God continues to show Himself strong on our behalf!  Let us continue to remind ourselves of Who lives within us!  “Christ is in you, the hope of glory!”   It is by the power of God’s Holy Spirit that you and I can truly experience the miracle of miracles; our Lord Jesus lives in us!  The marvelous thought of it causes our spirits to rejoice with adoration and praise toward God.

Consider that there is no problem, no situation, no tribulation which is impossible for you to overcome!  Christ is in you!  “Greater is He who is in you!”  Your Savior reassures you, “Take heart.  I have overcome the world.”  

All of Christ’s power, ability, and glory is in you and enables you to overcome, walk in wisdom, and speak with His authority!

Remember Christ has sent you into the world with the anointing described in Isaiah 61.  Remind yourself that the Spirit of the Lord is on you and anointing you to walk as Christ in this world!

Let’s Serve Him Together,

Pastor Gary