Daily Prayer Over Your Family

Daily Prayer Over Your Family

Dear Heavenly Father,

I worship You as the One who fashioned each of my family members a unique person by Your gracious and unlimited power.

Give us shalom — wholeness, harmony, and well-being in our home.

Bring us emotional strength and joy day by day, including strength to do Your will.

Help each of my family members to cast pour out our hearts to You in times of doubt, casting all our stresses on Your shoulders and fixing our thoughts on You.

Turn each of our weaknesses into Your strength. Let us each walk, day by day, in the fullness of Your wisdom.

May Your safety and healing power be on each of our bodies.

Let us commit to settle our grievances before the end of each day.

May we each love You with all of our hearts and trust you with our futures.

May we as parents/grandparents be godly role models, imparting divine wisdom and scriptural principles so that our whole family serves you out of strong bible-based convictions.

Work mightily in us to overcome marriage problems.

Guide both the adults and children in our family in decisions over the children?s education.

Protect our children/grandchildren from being misled by peer pressure and worldly ways of thinking and living.

May Your Spirit work mightily through each of us, changing forever for Christ the lives of everyone we meet.

Thank You for visible proof of Your divine favor as we grow in strength and victory throughout each day.  To You be glory and honor forever, through the lives of our family. Amen.