Clothed in God’s Favor

I rejoice with you today to see God’s graciousness and goodness so powerfully at work in your lives!  Let us join our hearts together in one accord as we offer exceeding praise from our hearts unto Him.  Indeed, today is the day of salvation.  Truly, today is the day of His favor!

Be encouraged and strengthened to know that His anointing is upon you!  He clothes you in salvation and righteousness!  He lifts your soul to rejoice as He places the garments of His favor upon you.  Let us echo the words of the psalmist in praising, “You have turned my wailing into dancing; you have removed my sackcloth and have now clothed me with joy!”

Let us be reminded that God causes us to outwardly “joyously shout” and inwardly possess “an everlasting joy” as He works His favor throughout our lives!  Undeniably, we are clothed in the ‘favor of God’ as a living testimony to all who know us.

Let Us Rejoice Together,

Pastor Gary