The GREATNESS of God’s Favor

Dear Friends,

As we wholeheartedly and passionately pursue God’s word of favor over us, let us be encouraged and strengthened in our faith.  Consider Jeremiah 30:22, where God declares to us, “I will be your God.”  God has renewed His covenant between Himself and His children through the atoning sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.  It is in this blood covenant that He assures you He “WILL BE YOUR GOD!”  He is reasserting to you that His power, grace, mercy, and love will be manifested in your life in ways which remarkably demonstrate His glory and marvelously bring Him praise! 

So, once again, remind yourself of how His anointing is working in your life to proclaim, release, comfort, and provide!  Beauty, joy, and praise are being bestowed upon you as a display of His splendor.  (Is. 61:1-3)  Your All-Mighty, All-Knowing, and Ever-Present Father God is supplying all that you need to rebuild, restore, and renew every area of your life.  As you proceed into this “Year of the Lord’s Favor,” you will feed, receive, inherit, and REJOICE in all He is doing.  (vs. 4-7)

Let’s rejoice together knowing that God ‘will be our God’ and cause His ‘shown delight’, that is His ‘favor’, to be manifested in our lives during this ‘Year of the Lord’s Favor.’

Serving You to Serve Him,
Pastor Gary