Year of the Lord’s Favor

Our gracious, kind, and loving Father God continues to call us to ARISE to a new life, a life abundantly enhanced by HIS FAVOR!  As we enter this new year, let us keep before our eyes the words He given us.  He has “placed before us an open door that no one can shut.”  He is raining down “righteousness – pure, spiritual, heaven-born possibilities” – into our lives.  He has already “answered YES to every promise through Christ Jesus.”  And, finally, He has declared this year to be a “Year of the Lord’s Favor!”

Yes, a year of His favor!  The full meaning from Isaiah 61 is that it is a year (Hebrew=’SHANEH’ = a whole age or complete year) of His favor (Hebrew=’RATSOWN’ = when He voluntarily wills His shown delight and good pleasure).  God is ‘proclaiming that this is a whole year in which He voluntarily chooses that His delight and good pleasure is shown on you!’

May our hearts rejoice and our voices loudly proclaim His praise as we experience this ‘Year of the Lord’s Favor!’


Pastor Gary