Yes, You Can!

Yes, You Can!

Do you struggle with thoughts of victory when you are discouraged, distracted, overwhelmed, hurt, embittered, or oppressed?

I desire to help equip you and guide you into the elements of life and ministry that will mightily empower and embolden you so that any discouragement, distraction, or oppression becomes like Peter’s sea and you can confidently walk right over the top of those attacks to secure victory.

You can do it!  You can consistently walk in victory!  Would you believe there is any weakness or failure in Christ, even for a single moment?  Of course not!  If I were to ask the question “Where are you?”, the answer is that you are “IN CHRIST!”  When you connect those two thoughts, that alone should have your spirit jumping up and down and your voice shouting a resounding “Hallelujah!”  As you are enveloped by the Word, that deeper revelation of who you are in Christ causes you to move in the Spirit and be equipped by the resurrection power of Christ Jesus so that you will produce fruit!  This fruit is not some half-dried portion fallen from the branch that you may stumble across.  No, it is fruit that puts the abundance of Canaan to shame!  It is lush, full of flavor, life-giving, and spirit-refreshing fruit!

Imagine how powerfully your life will increase when it is propelled forward by this God-endowed fruit coming from your life in Christ!  Can you see it?  Do you want it?
God wants it for you!  He is waiting for you to delve into His Word and discover who you really are!  He is preparing the way before you now to walk across the water to victory and successful life in ministry for His Kingdom!

So get into the Word!  Seek the Spirit’s guiding!  Go deeper than ever before!  Remember, much has been given to you so much will be required!  It doesn’t matter where you are in life.  What does matter is where you are going and how you plan to get there.  When you push yourself more deeply into the Word, not only are you propelled forward, but so are those around you!

I prayerfully ask that you consider where you are in your spiritual relationship.  Please, please press closer toward God today.  Please press into the Word.  It will eternally impact every aspect of your life and  your ministry for God!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa